Do you qualify for social security disability benefits?

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You don’t have to accept rejection.

Fill out the form above and receive a free consultation regarding your Social Security Disability benefits. A qualified and experienced attorney can walk you through the process and show you the various options available to you.

Did you know?

  • Denial rates for initial disability claims average 78%?
  • An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can improve your chances of approval?
  • Your odds of getting approved increase as you go through the appeals process to the ALJ hearing?

With assistance from an experienced attorney, applicants experience higher acceptance rates. Attorneys understand the process, know the right paperwork to submit, and provide the evidence judges need to make the right decision.

Those who receive a rejection don’t realize they have options. An attorney can also help you through the appeal process if your benefits are denied. With proper understanding of the law, it is possible for you to get the SSD benefits you deserve.



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  • As you have probably already discovered, the Social Security Disability application process is difficult and sometimes overwhelming for some applicants. Our job is to help you accumulate your best medical evidence and present the evidence and the law to Social Security.
  • Each person who files a disability claim is responsible for providing medical evidence showing he or she is disabled under the law. However, one of our responsibilities is to help you get medical reports from your own doctors and hospitals that have treated you. In most cases, we request your doctor to fill out a few short forms that highlight your particular disabilities.
  • It is important that your medical sources are recognized by Social Security. Example: Chiropractors are not a valid medical source under the Social Security guidelines.